A new direction for this blog (Updated May 2023)

With the new year, I’ve been thinking about where this blog will go in the future. Below are some thoughts.

Now that I have a full-time job and am out of grad school, I have less time to devote to tinkering and writing about it. I’ve consequently been thinking about where this blog should go in the future if I should choose to maintain it. Simultaneously, I’ve grown more concerned about global warming, ecological preservation, and what I can do in my own space to have an impact (perhaps a small one, but an impact still).

My solution is to write about what I do on a path to reducing my ecological impact, saving energy around the house, and how what time I have left to tinker can work towards these solutions.

As I write about these topics, please send me an email using the link in the top menu with suggestions, corrections, or other things to consider. Watch this space for future updates!

[Update, MAY 2023]: Since writing this blog post back in 2021, I’ve undergone several significant life changes (and this blog got a facelift!). I will hopefully have some more time in the future to make other updates, but I wanted to add an edit to say that this site is still alive and I continue to maintain it.