What's in your threat model?

Everyone should have a threat model, but a bit of thought should go into calibration. Make sure your model is appropriate and that your opsec follows from it.

Installing Pi-hole on a BeagleBoard to block ads

Instructions for installing Pi-hole to systematically block advertisements across your network are easy to find, but it gets a little more tricky when using different hardware. Here are some tips to get up and running with a BeagleBoard.

Why I activated, then disabled, Google Analytics

When I first started my website, I was excited to use Google Analytics to examine my site traffic. However, I've since reversed my decision and ended up disabling it. Read on to find out why.

Paying for programs in the Age of Free

If someone is sufficiently motivated, she can find most programs--or an alternative--for free. It begs the question: Why would anyone want to pay for a program you could get or otherwise use for free? I present my argument for doing just that ... but there's a catch.

PowerTOP at boot and startup scripts

So, you have a laptop on which you've installed Linux, and you've configured and used PowerTOP to reduce the power consumption of said hardware. That's great! The question now becomes: "How should I implement these power-saving settings automatically every time I reboot my laptop?"