Installing Pi-hole on a BeagleBoard to block ads

Instructions for installing Pi-hole to systematically block advertisements across your network are easy to find, but it gets a little more tricky when using different hardware. Here are some tips to get up and running with a BeagleBoard.

PowerTOP at boot and startup scripts

So, you have a laptop on which you've installed Linux, and you've configured and used PowerTOP to reduce the power consumption of said hardware. That's great! The question now becomes: "How should I implement these power-saving settings automatically every time I reboot my laptop?"

Making a vita with LaTeX

For those of you who would like to create a better-looking curriculum vitae for prospective employers, consider using moderncv. This tutorial will help you get started.

Pelican navbar menu items

Static site generators can greatly reduce the slope of the website creation learning curve. Take advantage of these tools if you are interested in creating your own simple website but want to sidestep manually generating the HTML and CSS on your own.